What is Skyline?

Skyline Network is a Media Company driven by the idea of keeping people informed in a timely manner. Time is our scarcest resource and we would much rather you use any extra time you have playing your favorite games. That’s why we created The Weekly Recon on top of our daily news initiatives on Instagram.

What is The Weekly Recon?

The Weekly Recon is a free newsletter that delivers some of the best stories in the video game and esports world from the previous week (as well as some other cool things). We send out a new edition every Monday morning that can be read in 5 minutes while you enjoy your morning coffee, commute to school/work or even during the extra time you have before your next alarm rings.

We firmly believe that everyone should be informed about the things they love which is why we’ve made your subscription to The Weekly Recon completely FREE!

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Be part of a gaming community that strives to be in-the-know at all times. We refer to our amazing subscribers as the #SKYCREW!

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